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Marie Cheslik


"In the words of Anthony Bourdain, 'if you don’t risk the bad meal, you’ll never get a magical one.' Same goes for wine!"

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Growing up drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Marie understands that wine can be a daunting subject. Having the right person who can guide the way can make the big world of wine a friendly and exciting adventure.

In 2020 Marie started her own business, Slik Wines, which specializes in wine tastings, consultations, and entertainment. Slik provides virtual and in-person events for private, public, and corporate clients. On top of that, uses Tiktok as a tool for approachable wine education that she posts on social media.

Marie was the Wine Director at Michelin starred-restaurant, Elske, Marie has received nominations including ‘Best Sommelier’ from Jean-Banchet, Eater’s 'Young Guns', as well as passing her Certified Exam from the Court of Master Sommeliers. She has also been awarded ‘Best Side Hustle’ by Chicago Magazine for working as a sommelier and using her Registered Nurse license to help during COVID-19.

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On Wine + Reading
Chenin Blanc + "Vingette" by Jane Lopes
On Wine + Music
Catchy elevator music, like Patrice Rushen or George Benson + a sultry red from Northern Italy

Marie's Expert Tip

The wine you like (or dislike) may change over the years, over the seasons, or even over the next few days. Taste and taste again, even if its the same wine!
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