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Adam Nan

Wine Expert

“I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.” ― W.C. Fields

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From East Coast to the Midwest, Adam has moved around yet his entire professional career has focussed around good drinks.

Adam grew up in Richmond Virginia where his interest in wine began early, when at 17 he went to work in an authentic New York Italian deli. His love for wine expanded further while attending American University in Washington DC, which as luck have it, is in a very close proximity to a handful of extraordinary independent wine merchants.

In 2000, after various front of the house jobs in various restaurants, Adam accepted a position at Total Wine and More, where he spent five years as a Wine Manager. In 2005, Adam took a break from wine and moved to Milwaukee to work as Account Manager for Lakefront Brewery and explore the world of beer. Then, in 2007 he returned to wine, by way of Chicago where he joined Binny’s Beverage Depot where he served as a Wine Manager for nine years. Most recently, Adam left Binny’s to pursue a series of projects with founders of Scoperta Wines.

When he is not enjoying wine, talking about wine or writing about wine, Adam enjoys turning his new backyard into an edible paradise, reading, and travel related to wine, food, and history. 

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On Wine + Music
For me, the ideal music for wine is the sound of great conversation
On Reading + Music
Currently reading "Alcohol a History" by Rod Phillips

Adam's Expert Tip

Garnish life with a twist. Screw tops are not an indicator quality, they indicate that the wine should be enjoyed now. And added bonus theyre never corked.
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