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Angwin Estate Winery 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon Howell Mountain Napa

Master Sommelier Dan Pilkey
August 24th 2022 | 2 min

Ok VERY few people have heard of this winery, and it has become an obsession of mine.

It blends the old-world style of Cabernet with the terroir of Napa's Howell Mountain (fully exposed, high elevation, rugged terrain, volcanic soils series) that ends up tasting like what most wines "say" they are. But this is the real deal - it's not hyperbole.  Google Philip Togni Spring Mountain, and Angwin Estates is the equivalence, and also saves you a few bucks…I technically like the Angwin better which makes me widely unpopular in the Sommelier circles but I'm not wrong. Lol  

\ Jon Larson and his wife Angela have been manicuring this tiny, remote vineyard for several years now and I can emphatically say that few wineries boast this level of old-world sophistication. One secret in Jon’s sauce has been the anthocyanin levels of his grapes and thus, color stabilization that dovetails into perfect winemaking chemistry. Basically, it allows for the wine to mature without falling apart (literally) where the color strips out and leaves behind a disjointed mess. Although the 2018 is still so young, it’s totally possible to spot the symmetry and balance that this wine has. At our recent tasting with Angela, we were lucky enough to try the ’12, ’13, ’18, ’19 and asking me to pick a favorite is like asking which child is your favorite. Just know that what you’re getting is the bee’s knees. This wine IS Scoperta! 

Drink now to 2032.

\ Closure – Natural Cork

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