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Keller Estate 2018 Pinot Gris "La Cruz Vineyard" Petaluma Gap AVA

Master Sommelier Dan Pilkey
April 2022 | 2 min read

Sitting closer to the San Pablo Bay side of the Petaluma Gap AVA, this is a great example of Pinot Gris from the La Cruz Vineyard that gives generous notes of baked yellow apples, yellow peaches, ginger, honeysuckle, and almond.

Lovers of Alsace Pinot Gris will find much to like with its ripe fruit and its oily texture, providing great mouthfeel.  While not shy on its alcohol at 14.1%, the wine is beautifully balanced with bright acidity, a touch of sweetness, and a slight bitterness on the finish. As this is not a commonly grown grape in California, Keller estate has taken a chance and succeeded.

Time to set-up up the Chinese food delivery and gorge yourself on some Lo Mein or Sweet and Sour Chicken.

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