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Airfield Estates 2020 Viognier Yakima Valley

Master Sommelier Dan Pilkey
April 2022 | 2 min read

“Vee-Own-Yay”. Ok say it with me Viognier!!

Now typically, this grape is over the top and a little goes a long way. Airfield’s Estate Viognier has a boutique of lavender, jasmine tea, and honeysuckle with playful flavors of orange marmalade, ripe white peaches, and snickerdoodle cookies on the nose. This wine is rich and intense when it comes to the wine’s body and its aroma profile just like the viognier you can find in Condrieu.

Sometimes I crave a full body white wine that is not Chardonnay but delivers just as much when it comes to aromas and flavors and that is exactly what this Viognier does.

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