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Ad Vivum 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon “Sleeping Lady Vineyard” Yountville Napa Valley


Sincerely a “rising-star” vineyard site of Napa Valley, Sleeping Lady is owned by Chris’ longtime friend Larry Bettinelli. They’ve spent copious amounts of time learning about how this vineyard should be planted, farmed, specifically detailing its row orientation, trellising, and clonal selection with the intent of producing a herculean wine. Sleeping Lady has seen the pinnacle of Napa’s blue-blood customers: Philippe Melka, Benoit Touquette, Alpha Omega, Roam, Zeitgeist and Kinsman Eades and in my humble opinion, the Phelps family has just made Cabernet history!

Clean and elegant describes the fruit condition! Perfect purity of red and black fruit-flavors which all culminate around hints of cherry incense-stick, Thai basil, and beautifully complex oak aromas. If it’s one thing the 2016 has its balance of structure: acid, tannin, fruit intensity, and alcohol.

Made from 55% of Clone 191 and 45% of Clone 7 – this is 100% Cabernet Sauvignon and 100% worthy of a vertical collection, hence why we’re offering these 3 vintages. (’16, ’17, ’18). French clones of Cabernet can ripen too quickly causing them to be overripe or accidentally picked too late while clone 191 is a Bordeaux clone but perfectly situated for Yountville’s climate.

Beneath your feet as stand at Sleeping Lady is a rare soil called Keefer – not common to Napa’s terroir – composed of gravelly clay-loam and dates to an original soil survey in 1938 that Chris has. Overall my friends…DO NOT MISS!

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