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Holiday Wine Pairings

Post-Thanksgiving means that Turkey is out and Ham is in! Either honey-baked, maple-glazed, brown-sugar mustard, or Rosemary-bourbon here’s a few wines that will deliver the maximum enjoyment to your friends and loved ones.

Earlier in the year we covered the difference between Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris (link here in case you missed it) and offset the typical bitterness we see in the grape. Ham’s sweet outside skin preparations are the easiest way to balance that bitterness from Pinot Gris and the single vineyard bottling by Intent makes for a Grand Cru perfect pairing!

The secret for red wine pairings and ham is to avoid heavy, extracted styles and focus on lighter bodied, light-tannin expressions. My two favorites are Coil Pinot Noir, and Battuello’s Valdiguié.

Both wines show excellent focus of tart red berries, low tannin levels, and a blend of culinary herbs and savory spices (i.e. tarragon, bay leaf, white pepper, coriander seed)  Reds like these are easy to drink (like a way better version of Beaujolais) while still providing excellent balance to holiday ham :)

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