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Guide to Petit Verdot!

As more and more wine drinkers explore the realms of fun, interesting and unique grapes around the world, we at Scoperta! received a lot of interest in our last post regarding Petit Verdot. So let’s give the readers what they want and dive into the favorites of PV.

To put it in perspective, PV can often need another 1-2 weeks of ripeness than Cabernet Sauvignon which for an area like Napa, can mean November in some instances! The wines recommend below share a commonality of warm-climates, and an elongated season of viticultural such as: Napa, Douro Valley Portugal, Castilla y León Spain, parts of Israel and Argentina, and South Australia. They can be afforded the opportunity to hang/ripen without much risk and were traditionally used to blend.

For these examples it seems that some winemakers have taken a slight risk in either planting more Petit Verdot or running a low-production bottling of 100% Petit Verdot. I applaud these mavericks and with the rise in global temperatures the variety seems to be gaining momentum. Though its original home in France is seeing a decline, other areas see an opportunity to produce a fashionable red, full bodied and gaining traction with consumers.

You won’t find PV in every growing region across the globe, and for good reason...

PV likes to hang on for dear life.

It requires a significant amount of sunshine (ripeness) in order to reduce the “green” flavor that would likely overpower the wine if this grape is grown in short-season viticultural i.e. Michigan, NY, Mosel, Champagne etc.


Notable PV wines to try...

From California to Argentina!

Grapes 4000X2000

Viader “Red Blend V” from Napa Valley CA

B Leighton “Olsen Vineyard” from Washington

Efeste from Red Mountain Washington

Ruca Malen from Argentina

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