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Avivo 2019 Sangiovese Mokelmne River Lodi

Master Sommelier Dan Pilkey
August 2022 | 2 min read

Hold on to your fedora because Avivo’s Sangio was a smashing success that links nuevo-Biodynamic farming along with natural winemaking (nothing added – nothing removed).

The result has allowed the texture and structure of Sangiovese to come alive: high acid, high tannin, ouverte alcohol but since they’re all elevated, it actually remains focused and balanced! Roasted red currants, tart black cherry, bay leaf and rosemary that all funnel into a streamlined wine of wonderful balance. It calls for food but just sits on the border of being superb on its own, and if so desired, I recommend just a slight chill on the temperature. Think Pinot Noir on steroids!

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